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Since inception, Abhinava Dance Company has toured extensively across the world to share its inspired creations with a global audience. The Company has won accolades from dance connoisseurs and dance lovers for its artistic depiction of Indian dance. Abhinava's innovative style of presentation suffused with invigorating energy and its carefully chosen themes have been widely appreciated by Non-Resident Indian and Western audiences.

ADC's annual international tour consists of extensive performances, workshops, lecture demonstrations and interactive sessions. ADC has toured across UK, Europe, USA, Africa, Re-Union Islands and UAE.

UK Tour

Year 2006:

'Ojas' - a national tour by Abhinava Dance Company featuring 8 performances sponsored by Milap Festival Trust.

Year 2005:

Invited by Milap Festival Trust, a premier agency for promoting South Asian Arts, to perform & conduct open house workshop at the Lowry Studio, Manchester, UK

Year 2003:

Participated as Dancers and Associate Choreographers in 'The Story of the C', an Art/Science project of Chitralekha & Company.

Year 2001:

A multicultural Production with Chitralekha & Company & 'Shaskeen', an Irish Theatre Company, bringing together Indian & Irish Dancers. The project was commissioned by the Coventry Arts Festival.

Year 1997:

Was invited by SAMPAD - South Asian Dance Agency- UK for a project involving Education work & performances. Choreographed 'The Story of Mahi River', which was performed at the Birmingham Royal Symphony Hall by students from 8 schools in the midlands. David Bedford from Birmingham Symphony Orchestra composed the music. The British Arts Council supported project.
Shakthi & Malar-Chalar: Two dynamic dance compositions based on Martial Arts & Bharathanatyam was choreographed for the Youth Company of Sampad.
Swinging Syllables & MALA: Participated in a dance dialogue with Sonia Sabri, Birmingham, UK

Year 1992-93:

Choreographed the title sequence for Chitralekha Company's 'Loka Natya' and performed as dancers for the same.
Conducted Indian Dance workshops and Lecture demonstrations in over 40 primary & secondary schools.
Worked with Nahid Siddiqui's production 'Time Cycle', choreographed by Kumudini Lakhia


Europe Tour

Year 2006:

A unique camp on Yoga & Dance was conducted by Niru-Raju on the Swiss Alps for Indian and International Students from Belgium, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Russia.

In Germany, France and Belgium, over 60 Europeans have attended the workshops of Nirupama & Rajendra. The performances at the reputed Bozar & Berlin Cultural Centres, were sold out sessions.

Year 2005:

Reha Suisse invited ADC to perform and raise funds for their Education project in Indian villages.

Year 2000:

GHF (The Global Harmony Foundation) Geneva commissioned a tour of performances & workshops to raise funds for the special projects in the third world countries.

Year 1999:

Swiss Television invited Niru-Raju to present Indian Dance in the presence of famous presenter John Philip Rap & the Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir.

Year 1997:

The Indian Embassy, Berne, Switzerland invited Abhinava to present a Cultural Program commemorating the 50 Years of Indian Independence Celebrations in Switzerland.


USA Tour

ADC has toured across USA, presenting stage performances and conducting workshops for dance lovers.
ADC shows have been featured in the following cities: New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington D.C, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus Indiana, Columbus Ohio, Boston, St. Louis, Richmond-Virginia, Orlando, Tampa, Dallas, San Antonio, New-Orleans, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Raleigh & Tulsa.



ADC actively participated in the National Fundraiser Tour for the 9/11 victims.

ADC has performed for Temple & Charity organizations, National Dance Conventions and Akka Convention (Florida).

ADC has also gone on a National tour of 16 cities in 2005 for charitable organizations like AID-India Philadelphia, ASHA for Education, VSEI (Connecticut) and other Community organizations.

Nirupama and Rajendra were presented with a commendation by the Governor of Oklahoma and recognition by the Mayor of Tulsa for their contribution to art in the USA.

In August 2006 Nirupama & Rajendra participated in a multicultural project 'The Ocean of Light' presented by the Battery Dance Company, NY. Indian dancers performed with Contemporary dancers from New Orleans and paid homage to the Tsunami and Katrina victims.

The performances won accolades from dance critics, connoisseurs, celebrities and American audiences at the Down Town Festival in New York and at the 'Rebirth & Remembrance Event' held in New Orleans.